Remember back in school when you were so jacked up about snow?? It’s kinda like that right now… Except the school of fitness is packing it in early, it’s like superintendant is a weenie or something πŸ˜‰

Here’s the report from ESCA:

This afternoon and evening:
β€’ We can expect temperatures to begin to fall and remain below freezing, creating icy roads for this evening’s commute
β€’ The Puget Sound Convergence Zone can expect areas of locally heavy snow throughout the remainder of the day.

β€’ Snow showers will begin increasing in the early morning hours, arriving in ESCA jurisdictions between 0300 and 0600hrs
β€’ The snow is expected to be widespread and significant, with possible accumulations of 5” to 10” throughout the day
β€’ Roads will be treacherous in most areas, and impassable in others
β€’ Power outages are possible due to snow weight breaking trees and bringing down lines

Wednesday evening:
β€’ The snow showers will begin tapering off, but temperatures will remain below freezing.

β€’ Situation begins to moderate on Thursday with a weaker weather system moving into the area
β€’ Temperatures will remain in the mid-30’s creating a possibility of freezing rain in some areas

β€’ Warming begins on Friday, and rain showers will begin late Friday and carry into Saturday with possible totals of 3” – 4” of rain
β€’ Urban and small stream flooding is possible, especially if storm drains are blocked with slush and/or leaves
β€’ Weight of snow-load plus additional rain could cause some concern for flat-roofed structures

β€’ Cancellation of discretionary activities and non-essential functions thru Wednesday
β€’ Suggest citizens remain off the roads and limit travel
β€’ Suggest citizens clear gutters and storm drains to aid drainage
β€’ Check sandbag inventory for possible need through the weekend. Take appropriate action to protect your property.

WOW. We’ll heed the call. Discretionary activities like driving to the gym are out! Here’s homework:

Do 25 Wall Squats, slow, strong, preserve the good motion. 1) Heels 2) Knees out 3) Hips back 4) Midline Stability 5) Depth!!

This should serve as both mobility and warmup. Then do 5 Rounds of 25 Jumping Lunges and 15 clapping push-ups for time. Post to comments (I’d better get like 100 posts and then maybe just maybe I’ll entertain a second of belly-aching about the gym being closed).
If that’s not to your liking or scaled appropriately, do 25 air squats and 15 push-ups or knee push-ups for time. Post to comments!!

And also, I need pictures for the website!! Take them and send them to me of you playing in the snow or otherwise around Wednesday!!

Rock on