Lynnwood CrossFit! We’ve got an opportunity to help out some of America’s brave soldiers in Afghanistan. Namely Isaac Campos and the rest of his Unit.

He wrote home to Art and Josie with a simple Christmas Wish-List, that I think we could help out with and take it a step further and look to support the rest of his Unit.

Here’s what Isaac wrote:

Picture of Ozzy Osborne- because he represents evil to the taliban
North Face Fleece Cap (All Black), our army issued ones suck and I will be able to wear it on missions under my ACH when it’s really freezing
USC Fleece blanket, it gets cold as hell when we lose power out here!
Protein (True-Mass) by BSN, I take this stuff daily and so far I have never felt better
Coffee!!!!!!, I can’t even explain how much we drink this stuff daily. The Christmas blend at Starbucks is awesome and my favorite is Sumatra.

And most important one of all, love and support from my family and friends! This means more than any gift that anyone could ever give me. I thank everyone for everything they have sent and the emails I receive. They help out so much and help me realize that whatever I go through out here on a daily basis is completely worth it. I’m not going to lie and tell everyone that things are going to get easier out here because they are no where near better then they were here 9 years ago. I will continue to keep fighting daily and continue to cherish all of my family and friends. Thanks for everything again and I hope and pray everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Here’s what I’d like to do, get a donation bucket rolling to help buy these North Face Fleece Caps, get a handful of them out to Isaac and he can distribute to his buddies, True-Mass Protein and Coffee. If there are any Starbucks hook-ups out there that’d be awesome to get some Christmas Blend and Sumatra (check your cupboards and see what you’ve got stashed that you forgot about) let’s bring all that in and get a huge box together!
Someone has got be have a USC blanket already they can give to a higher purpose (morale of the US Military).
Finally, I’m thinking that we need to send several things “Metal”, a framed “Prince of Darkness” (Ozzy) looking just insane, I’d love to get these boys a Ronnie James Dio poster, and to top off the Tyrannical Triumvirate, some “Eddie” stuff from Iron Maiden (Eddie is the Zombie).