Knee to Elbows: focus on pulling the bar around with straight elbows, getting the knees to literally touch the elbows and yes actually the elbows not the mid-arm tricep area 🙂

Odd Object Push Press: Kettlebells, Sandbags, Off-weighted barbells, Fulcrum Press on the Landmine, you guys are totally in for it!!

-Ladder Push Press, so awesome!!!

Med Ball or Sandbag Cleans: the 30# bags are great practice for people and the clean after all is infinitely refine-able which means that there’s always more to learn/get better at…

Survival of the Fittest!

-What an awesome class! Attaboy to Greg Krueger on Push Pressing the 110lb wood log, Lindsey Gehrke for *almost* getting K2E’s, Whitney Bailey – “Get away from me, Jesse!”, and a final kudos to big new Steve for bending those “sexy long legs” despite their yelling at him 🙂 Way to rock it 5:30!!