Snickers commerical! They’re right, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Here’s the funny part, this necessitated on being hyperinsulinemic. If your blood insulin is too high, you’ve got some roller coastering going on. Roller coastering means then your blood sugar is getting spiked several times daily. A snickers bar will probably (assuredly) spike the ole blood sugar, and hence the insulin must respond to keep your actual blood sugar level constant. High levels of blood sugar are bad for you, vascularly and nervely. Once the ole blood sugar is stabilized the insulin is going to be very high, especially after say 10 years of this process. Now. If insulin is high and carbohydrate load is low, would you need to then eat more to help your body deal with this high insulin load? The answer is yes! Viola “roller coastering”.

This can all be solved by moderating the amount of carbohydrate that enters the system (via your mouth) and by buffering it’s digestion with apportioned protein and fat. It’s called measuring your food intake. Also eating real food, like veggies and meat doesn’t hurt either!

Lastly, don’t be like Roseann and have your back hurt on the job, do reverse hypers!

Furthermore, protein and fat elicit the release of cholescystikinin which makes you feel full, and perhaps happy, all without bumping your blood insulin! Go forth and kill animals and eat them!

Clan Cheiftan out.