You guys, THEY’RE WORKING!! Do you feel it? I feel a change, it’s hard to keep the technique but it’s working! This gives me hope for not only myself and running any real distance but also for those in my charge running great distances.


This brings a few things into focus: 1) Abi is going to the Endurace Cert in San Diego (wanna go with her?) 2) having her attend the Cert allows us to register as a CrossFit Endurance Affiliate (which is pretty cool) since we’ll have two bonafide CFE coaches, furthermore that opens up planning into events for next year, summer and fall to begin training for for those who have a wanting to go long.

Meredyth has expressed a want to do a trail 1/2 marathon, which sounds cool. There’s also some massive team relay thing like 150 miles or something which sounds like a great trip. If you’re into this, post back to comments and if possible suggest some races or events that we should plan for!

Also, WHITNEY’S HOME!! Look forward to seeing her around here soon!