Hey everyone!!

Big Things in October: This is gonna go fast so pay attention 🙂


Sunday the 10th (this sunday):
“Mobility Symposium”

2pm-5pm, Free yet still having value!

Flexibility is an outdated term! We’ve got more to work on than just how long your muscles and tendons are. I’ll be talking a little bit, and we’ll be moving a ton, learning more techniques for self-care. There will be some ouchie-pain involved but it’ll be a ton of fun and you’ll feel a lot better for it!

Reply to comments if you’re planning on coming! Come late or leave early it’s all good 🙂

Saturday the 16th: Snatch Clinic


Yeah! We’re gonna lift weights! Abi and I will be running two separate groups using video to analyze your lifts. We’ll be able to dissect the movement to a greater degree than last clinic (building and building right!). Special exercises will be prescribed to help develop your movement. By watching the different analyses you’ll learn so much more about the Snatch than you did before, invaluable!

Cost: $35 Time: 1:00pm to 5:30pm

Sunday: Running Clinic #2!!


We’ve been doing the drills for a month now! Let’s start to fine tune that technique before it gets too nasty outside! This will be our last chance at video analysis before the new year, yikes. If you came to the last one you know what to expect 🙂 I promise a different WOD this time though!!

Cost: $25 Time: 1:00pm to 4:30pm

If you want to come for both clinics (good for you!!), instead of $80, we’ll charge you $60. What a deal!

October 30th!
Local’s Gym 3rd Year Anniversary Party!!

Jes and Kels

Once post-poned, now we’re ready 🙂

Here’s the plan: Round-Up/Harvest Theme, awesome!

Banjo Band – Abi’s Brother
Face Painting – Sam
Dunk Tank – David
Rented Goat – Ed
Bobbing for Apples – Nancy
Bacon Creation Contest – Goffe, Beeje, Jenai
Eating Contest – Jef Atwood
Pie Contest – Kim, Joanie
Brew Challenge – Ponch, Mike
Pumpkin Carving – Kevin and Kari
Food! – Walid et al.
Raffle – Jesse
Pie Smear the Coaches – Jesse, Abi, D, JP
Hay – Jesse’s Dad
Tree of Happy Thoughts – Abi

Get ready!! I’m super excited, this sounds like a blast you guys!

Cost: $5 before, $10 the day of. Time: It’s the day before Halloween, so we’re thinking because it’s so kid friendly, pumpkins and face painting and all, let’s start at 3:00pm, and play into the evening!

This is for the Tree of Happy Thoughts, it’ll be a lot of fun!