Yeah WOD Books!! We’re working on filling them up, this week will let us do a lot of inputting! There are some blank places in the WOD Book for “Other Benchmark Workouts”, here we go:

The first of the new workouts for us come from Hybrid Athletics, home of Rob Orlando and Dave Lipson, a few strong gents.

“Connecticut Strong”
Bodyweight Back Squat
Max Reps in 3 Sets
Rest 10 min between sets

Clarification: If you weigh 200lbs, load a barbell to 200lbs. Place it on your back and then squat it as many times as you can on one set, say 25 times. Then rest 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes elapses get back under the bar and squat again as many times as you can, say 19 times. Rest 10 minutes. Repeat this once more, for say another 18 reps. Your score would be 25 + 19 + 18 = 62.
Scaling: Lower the weight, 1/2 bodyweight, 3/4 bodyweight, etc. etc.

The second is the new “Girl” from the 2010 Games: Amanda (named posthumously after Amanda Miller who competed in 2009)

Three Rounds 9-7-5 of:
Squat Snatch 135/95
Muscle Ups
For Time

Clarification: 3,2,1… GO!
Scaling: Many and varied, load, reps, jumping, transitions etc. etc.

The third is another stolen workout, this time from San Francisco CrossFit, Kelly Starrett and Adrian Bozman.

“The San Francisco Crusher”
30 Back Squats 225/165
Row 1k
For Time

Clarification: Load a barbell to 225 or 165 if you’re a lady (and quite one at that!!). Proceed to squat it 30 reps, then doff the bar and hobble to a rower, proceed to row 1000m. At the accumulation of 1000m time will stop. Your breathing will not.
Scaling: Load, reps and distance 🙂

The final named workout of this installment of WOD Book additives for Lynnwood CrossFit will be:

Three Rounds for Time:
12-9-6 Thrusters 105/70
24-18-12 Wall Ball Shots 20/14

Back Story: The Vancouver Level 1 group posited this workout during Nadia’s fantastic lecture on Programming as a weightlifting/weightlifting couplet. This frightening coupling of exercises “too similar in movement pattern” was dismissed, Tommy Rudge and I raised an eyebrow in thought for how nasty this would actually be at peak intensities. Nadia, Carrie, Dan Hollingsworth and I postulated and theorized on the drive home about weight and rep schemes, settling on this little grindhouse couplet 🙂
Clarification: 3,2,1… GO!
Scaling: Reps, and load!

Proof that the double under is a party trick.

Proof that the double under is a party trick.