What we eat. It’s a big deal. Fitness is defined by CrossFit as one’s “work capacity across broad time and modal domains”. If your capacity is low or limited you are unfit. Fitness over your lifetime requires a keen eye on health. Being fit now and eating poorly will diminish your capacity when it matters most, later.

As much as I love a cheat meal (day) I’m passionate about eating better food. Food that is locally grown, sustainable, organically grown, priced well, made to make us vibrant people. Quality of life trumps quantity every time all the time. Oprah, jello-ish pud, and plastic spoons are not how the last 15 years of life should be done!
Lynnwood CrossFit has several exciting things that we’re putting together, and are being made a part of. Full Circle Farms sends us out boxes of food each week that you order from their website. Totally awesome produce. We’re working on getting grassfed beef available to us. The beef is available in late summer early fall, and will be in the gym. Hopefully it will last through the winter! My Father, has 5 acres of nursery in Stanwood has come on board for us growing veggies, berries and squashes in his enormous greenhouse. I’m looking for a few people who’d like to be a part of his horticulture adventure. The end of next month CrossFit is bringing Carrie and I out to the newly created CrossFit Nutrition Certification! M.D. Will Wright, Jeremy Mullins M.S., and Chef Mike Reideman will be at CrossFit East Village in San Diego teaching us how to utilize food as medicine, as a hedge against sickness, as a tool for enhanced performance and as party-favor festivity that we know and love.

This Certification is revolutionary. At our gym we’ve gotten a dozen people off of blood-pressure medicine, another 8 off of Cholesterol medication, and one off insulin for type 2 diabetes. This is kinda big. Kinda. What we’re going to be able to do for your family, friends and colleagues is amazing. We’re going to forge relationships with great local doctors who see the proof of what we’re doing (that’s in the real food pudding!) and make our community happy, healthy, and vibrant!
So, if you see a random bucket of veggies at the gym and wonder “what’s that about?” It’s real food that’ll keep you healthy from Jesse’s dad about an hour north. It’s a great place to go and play on a tractor! If you see boxes of produce every Wednesday and wonder “what’s in those?” it’s food that’s been designed by God to suit your body’s needs. When you see us lugging in a freezer that could fit two bodies and you wonder “what goes in that!?” the wonderful meat from 3 cows raised in our little state will go in there. When you see strong, lean, and capable people tearing up workouts, and laughing with their friends and you wonder “man, this gym is awesome!” that’s cool. It’s how we roll 🙂

Clan Cheiftan Out.