This weekend is going to be insane!!! I know it’s all I’ve been posting about – IT’S BECAUSE I’M STOKED!!

So come and cheer our athletes to victory!

Upcoming Events:

Glute Ham Developer Class Tuesday night at 7:45pm, the 18th of May. Jesse with the amazing help of Abi (demo girl extraordinaire) will expound on the finer points of this great tool for core conditioning! Free for members and their guests!

Nutrition Class! Tuesday night at 7:45pm, the 1st of June. Come learn about the USDA, and about how to eat for health, longevity and performance. Beginner to advanced requirements will be covered. Jesse will be teaching this course. Members free and guests of members $10!

Olympic Lifting Clinic 1pm-5pm Saturday the 5th of June. Snatch, Clean and Jerk will be covered in depth and detail. Little bit of whiteboard work, lots of PVC work. Expect sore legs 🙂 Members $40. Non-Members $65. Jesse and Abi (both Olympic Lifting Certified) will be coaching this workshop!