If you’ve been here long enough you’ve seen us go through a lot of changes:

Local's Gym 007

This was the “weightlifting” area, mirrors, DB rack, insane. I’m almost ashamed to have had this in my mind’s eye…

Schedule Changes! The dreaded “middle of the day” is soon to be dead to us. There’s a handful of us that come in from 12:00-3:00. It’s a really small handful. This extended siesta will allow your coaches to be more refreshed when we’re here, save a little precious PUD cash (not a big deal), and make better use of our time throughout the day.

Normal hours however besides this little non-open time from Noon to 3:00pm.

Local's Gym 006

The wall before pull-up bars, well really both pictures are of a wall before pull-up bars, but this one cracks me up, little coat hooks, one tiny little white board, like we were afraid to put a screw into our shiny new wall or something…


We got over putting holes in the walls, and we also got over not trying hard, doing sissy movements, trying to keep it “pristine“, and we started delivering phenomenal results!

This will begin on Monday the 12th. 99.86% of us will not notice a thing. To the .14%, I’ll try and let you know before Monday 🙂 This means a few things: I’ll be checking voice mails now (yay), there will be a change to the hours on the main outside door (about time anyway), and we’ll have some business card/flyer/price sheet things out there as well!!

We’re fiddling with the overall schedule a little bit too, not to worry the classes will stay the same, just who teaches what will be shuffled a bit to even the load out a bit more 🙂 Look forward to more Tuesday Night Whiteboards with Jesse. Topics to be announced soon!

Please post back with ideas, thoughts, musings, cogitations on what topics you’d like to see presented on the Whiteboard!