Hyatt Management has still not removed all the steel artifacts (some call it exercise equipment) in my new CrossFit Gym, but that has not detoured our daily workouts. Because of all the dangerous steel in the way, our daily workout here is limited to 5 rounds 10 each of Sit-ups, Push-ups, Pull-ups & Squats. Good news to report though: [silly exercisers] left my jumping bench in place from last week and now they just congregate on their elliptical machines.

I think one of the elliptolites did not like me jumping on the bench tonight. He didn’t say anything, because it is clearly property of the CrossFit Gym now, of which he is not a member. The elliptolites are an interesting lot: they congregate, but do not communicate audibly. It’s sort of like watching cattle mingle in a pasture; not fascinating, just something observed. I’m not saying they are cows, because some are quite scrawny. Not much beef on those bones one might say.

Some poor meatball got all confused and could not find his way out of the gym tonight. I know this because I watched the poor guy ride his elliptical machine backwards all the way to where he started, then hopped off. He seemed a little off and I did not want to shock him by telling him he had not actually gone anywhere. Who knows how he would have responded, so I just left him alone on his journey to nowhere.

Anyway, back to our classes. They are going strong. We had three classes last week, three for this week and same for the weeks to come. So far I am the only one attending, but that’s still 100% of all who registered. We’ll get there.

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