In case you didn’t notice I’ve gathered some shadows 🙂 This is good, we’re finding ways to grow. There are five studs and studettes (industry term) looking to become “New Trainers” here at Lynnwood CrossFit: John “Darkness” Harkness, Renee Lirette, Lisa Merritt, JP Levesque and “Ponch” Hartley.


We’ve developed a curriculum to develop their training and coaching skills. In a month or so they will lead some classes under the Fearless Leader’s watchful eye (like Sauron I have only one eye). After that they will be building their own clientele and adding new people to our community! So when you see them with a clipboard writing notes, let them be, you focus on being the awesome athlete you are, developing your skills and abilities to the highest degree and they’ll focus on becoming an awesome coach, developing their skills and abilities to the highest degree. See a common thread here?

The Vision: (besides world domination)

Actually that is the Vision, to develop more coaches so that we can get more and more people involved in changing their lives for the better. The rate limiting factor in this equation (world domination occurs when: # healthy people > # of not healthy people) is quality coaches who will help their clients achieve success. Getting Certified (by any agency, CrossFit Inc. included) is only the beginning, as if there was an end to the tutelage of an excellent coach.

Where do you (the life blood of Lynnwood CrossFit) fit in?

You are the front lines! The Navy Seal, the Green Beret, first in last out. If that’s a little too hardcore, you could also be the strength of the base of the pillar (horrible Dune reference), the very foundation of the gym. You could also be the muscles of the body, doing all the hard work day after day! I know my analogies are lame. I’m a weightlifter people, I coach weightlifters and budding gymnasts, I’m not a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, work with me here!!

Does that help? Keep coming day after terrible day, keep learning, keep trying to be the best version of you, not just for you, but for your family, and friends. What we’ll do is keep putting up CrossFit’s WOD, keep scaling the workout so that it develops you as it’s intended, and keep instructing you so that you’re safe and progressing because you are our family and closest friends.

Big Group Hug!