On Ramp!

Much like SEAL indoc this class of On Ramp has just finished!! These 11 of 17 finished YAY!! So be sure to look out for the “new people” and give them a “Hi, my name is [insert your name].” To help accommodate more clients we opened up a 7:30PM CrossFit Class Monday and Wednesday nights, it’s kinda late but I think this could be good for a few of us!

Furthermore – this is kind of a big deal – Thursday is becoming specialty night!! Read Below

Winter Prospectus

Here’s what this means…. It may seem harsh, but attendance REALLY dies down after Wednesday. I thought to myself why. I think it’s because make-up night throws off people’s rhythm and then Friday gets all goofed up and then the weekend is already shot from Friday night and the rest is history and we’re back again on Monday. I see two solutions to break this cycle (equally hard-nosed solutions both):

1. Run CrossFit.com workouts exactly as they appear on the mainsite. Wait to find out what the workout is the night before you do it. CrossFit.com posts their workout in the evening each day. Every fourth day is rest day on the main site, the world we know operating on a seven day week, this creates a rotating rest day, with the weekends usually spent training both days. I like this option, it’s very hardcore, no if’s and’s or but’s just straight to the point CrossFit.com baby.

2. Change the “make-up” day into a specific skill/weakness development day. I feel like we’ve got so many deficiencies in general that we could definitely spend a day working on something you’re interested in. I selected, rowing, gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting and uh, oh yeah, kettlebelling.

At this point, the Clan Cheiftan chooses option 2.

We are not limited to these five things, however what I recommend is that you think about the thing that is holding you back more than anything else in your CrossFitting, and then attack it on Thursdays and come back ready for the fight on Friday. Be prepared to have a lot of “fun” on Thursdays instead of the kinda casual meandering that it has developed into…


Like Mr. Orta, let’s get focused people.