Nasty car accident: kills husband (they revived him), in shock of it all she feels “okay”. Later we all find out about her disc herniation, the bad way. Numb leg, pain, crying, depression. All that fun stuff.

June ’09: Lifts her 60+ pound child (read odd object deadlift) and carries her across the house, so as not to wake her, thinking nothing of it only to have her husband who is overcome with joy touting CrossFit as the key to her strength and utility!

Her’s is a great story of patience, diligence and perseverance. Patience in doing workouts tailored to her level (often quite scaled!) although they may seem trivially simple, diligence in taking care of herself by icing when sore, resting when needed and missing very few workouts over the last 6 months; and perseverance because after doing Hang Power Snatches, the sky is officially the limit 🙂

Love ya Whit!