One of our members, for her safety we’ll protect her anonymity (secret agent in the FBI and all), so if you recognize her don’t post in comments or anything!  She sent me this on Facebook – happy trainer!

Yo, so boot camp is crazy. Did the fit test last tuesday with helicopters dive bombing over the track during parts of it. Its nuts. I passed though.
They have kettle bells and tractor tires here. Makes me so happy! I’m going to teach the group what burpees are next week :).
After the fit test we did several rounds of knuckle pushups, holding ourselves in the down position for soooo long. Even did a set on the pavement which resulted in bloody knuckles. Its crazy but I’m surviving! Just wanted to send you an update! Thx for helping me get here!

Bloody knuckle push-ups, KB’s and tires!  When she first came in to start CrossFit (pre-pull-ups) her shoulder was so jacked that push-ups really hurt, hmmm, not a problem now!


Also, who knew 65# could weigh so much!!

Elbows tight!

Elbows tight!

Yay outside workouts, constantly varied is the way to be!!