This is going to be fun, for you guys,,,,

9:00am we’ll kick off the workout.  After the 8:00 class and before the 10:00 class, I figure this will give most everyone a chance to come watch this debacle 🙂

Furthering the debauchery, since the two clients who referred the most people to us in December BOTH can’t make it here to "train" us we’re going to open it up to a roundtable discussion of doom, probably involving the hopper deck, with or without additions, substitutions and/or modifications of or pertaining to the workout proposed visa a vi our esteemed membership.

So, if you come you’ll probably have something to do with the workout, which most likely will be nuts.

Video will be taken to later mock us with and Shane P. will do the editing to ensure that it will actually get done, as opposed to me which means it may get done sometime between the beatings which are supposed to improve moral….

Right on.

Clan Chieftan Out.