Yay Burpees!

Now that I got that out of the way – look for new shirt designs up on the white board, you can ogle them wantingly, or tell someone that you want to buy the shirt!  We’re taking pre-orders right now so we can get a better idea of what sizes/colors etc. to get!  Check ’em out!


Secondly I wanted to throw out the idea of doing a few pool-workouts in January?  Lynnwood Rec Pool is not that far away, it’s only $5.00 we can count it as a CrossFit Class and do maybe two in Jan and see how we like it.  I assume they’ll be tough, considering that if you so tired that you can’t swim you’ll die, these workouts may be more motivational to in the words of Dori "just keep swimming."

Post back and let me know what you’re thinking, dates, times, "hell no’s" will be met with scowls.


Clan Cheiftan Out