Here’s the backstory:  I wanted to create an off-season training manual/program for our very own women’s tackle football team The Seattle Majestics.  Most of the ladies live far south (Kent, renton etc.) and hence are unable to make it here to train with any kind of useful frequency.  So I was thinking about making a literal manual for them to train with.  Not a bad idea.  Then I remembered my off-season manual for football when I played and how much dust it collected and how detailed it really was and how much the coach must have worked on it…  I wanted something more compelling, something more sexy, more exciting….   BAM!  A website that you could check everyday that would have the workout you needed to do, video’s about the workout, suggested reading to develop your knowledge, rest day activities  – oh my god, that is awesome!  Totally not my idea, has been doing just this for years, and guess what, it works awesome.  So then, how do I get this team educated on the basics so they can begin to progress their fitness in the off-season?  DO A CROSSFIT WEEKEND ADVANCE! Two days full of workouts, movement practice, lecture and demonstrations, nutrition talks goal setting  oh jeez, this is beginning to sound cool…  Right!!??

This is gonna be awesome!!  Two FULL DAYS.  We’ll start 9:00am Saturday down in Kent at a middle school (read: whiteboard, room to work, Jesse brings the equipment!) end about 5:00pm with a mandatory social outing afterwards.  Sunday 9:00am until we’re finished with questions which should be in the evening.  

Things we’ll cover include: the 9 movements, squat, front squat, overhead squat, press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumo deadlift high-pull, medicine ball clean; nutrition, programming, website info and details, other exercises (sit-ups, back extensions, warm-ups, bear crawling, push-ups, pull-ups, box jumping, lunges, including gymnastics)!!!

This will be very comprehensive!  I want to put out the invitation to all our members and clients.  We’re opening pre-registration now for people interested in taking a two day advance to really hone in and focus on the essence of our programming and to hone technique.

I will be limiting the class size to 25 attendees.  Pre-registration is open now!  Price: $75 for the pre-registration (two-day) and $45 for either day (if you can only make it to one of the days).

Dates: Saturday and Sunday the 23rd and 24th of August 9am to 5pm.

Just envision The Truck, loaded with 3 rowers, 10 barbells, bumper plates, medicine balls, PVC pipes, paralettes, rings, dumbbells, rolling up unloading and devastating your fitness…