This contest is going to ROCK!!  

We’ve got three of our ladies: Melissa, Abi and Lindsay – I’m pretty sure you know who they are!

Events include: 28,000 Double Decker Bus Pull, Yoke Race with 275 or 325lbs, Pressing Medley 90lb Dumbell, 100lb sandbag, 110lb log and a huge log deadlift for reps!  It’s gonna be awesome!

Saturday is August 2nd you should totally come and root ’em on!  I think we’ve got a chance to sweep the competition 🙂

I’ll post directions as we get closer to the day it’s near Puyallup!

We’re gonna make T-shirts 🙂  Get ahold of Abi for sizing and to give her money for it – if you want to buy one, she hasn’t quite figured out what to put on them yet – but it’ll be awesome!!!