I’ve found the internet!  Finally I’m in a hotel with a darned computer!


The Games were AWESOME I physically am destroyed – I’m certain that my hands will not be healed by the time I get back, certain of that.  My ego, maybe never….

Nah!  It was great to see and meet some of the beasts and internet superstars.  Mostly though it was a great chance to solidify relationships with the other Washington studs who were there.  Namely Jordan Holland (finished #34) who runs Xplore CrossFit downtown Seattle.  Helluva guy.  Dave Werner, never holds back, reminded me that my Fran time was "slow" thanks for that Dave!

And yes the workouts this week will be made up by someone else – I’m on VACATION!!!!


Happy CrossFitting, we’ll be in Camp Pendelton Marine Base kick ass tomorrow if the car cooperates!  I hope it just needs a fuel filter and not something more major!!

Start eating better, the best athletes really do Zone and these men and women are literally INCREDIBLE.

Clan Cheiftan Out.