This brings a whole new meaning to "Do The Puyallup".  There’s six intrepid people from Local’s that’re going to compete at this years Rainier’s Strongest Man/Woman Contest in Sumner, August 2nd.  One of which is Abi 🙂

Below: Abi at 4:45 AM Friday the 27th

Above: Abi at 5:30AM Friday the 27th en route to Rainier Crossfit.

All in all it was a glorious affair.  We played with the implements, 90# Dumbbell, 120# Dumbbell, 160# Block, 220# Block, 525# Yoke, 595# Yoke, 250# Yoke, Stones of assorted weights, the "glued to the floor" 150#  etc etc 🙂  It’s gonna be a helluva a day!

Come support your gym!!!  Come down to cheer us on August 2nd, out in Sumner!