The big boys already wanna fight with the little guy 🙁 I just received a letter today in Certified USPS Mail from “Uber Conglomo Gym LLC” that they intend to pursue “all legal remedies against [me] on the grounds that [I] have been and continue to be disloyal to [their] company and have violated the provisions of the Handbook”.

Their grounds for being upset with me are two-fold: 1) that I failed to notify my supervisor when I learned about any business opportunity related in any way to the fitness industry and 2) that I am taking proprietary information that I gained from working with them.

First, I don’t really think the idea of running your own speed, agility, force training and Crossfit Center is really a new idea that no one has had before their time with “Uber Comglomo Gym LLC”. Which in fact I did tell my Regional Fitness Manager when I was promoted from working only Sundays to the Club Fitness Manager that in fact my goal in 2 years was to own and run my own gym, sadly it took 3 years, ha.

Second, any information that I am taking from them I take in the negative, as in a great lesson in what NOT TO DO. For example as an owner, I should reward good trainers with benefits, paid time off, sick days, vacation days, money and time allowances to improve their skills in training – the list could go on for possibly ever…

Large and In Charge Large and in charge, baby.