Really cool first week! Coach Lana delivered her package last weekend like a champ!! She’s resting and recovering well and feeling proud of her Deadlift Bracing/Push technique. Send her a text or email with congrats, she’ll be back teaching in the new year with renewed vigor and a much trimmer waistline!! HA :). I don’t exactly know why, but I loved being able to say all terrible things like that to my sister this past little while, ah, all good things must come to an end!!

Monday: #5 15 Euro Presses 45/25, Row 750m, 10 Euro P’s, Row 500m, 5 Euro P’s, Row 250 for time

Want to know what a “Euro Press” is? Watch this old school you tube video!

Tuesday: #6 “Badger” Look it up if you dare, yes we’ll scale this one!

Wednesday: #7 Military Press for 5, double under work afterwrds

Thursday: #8 AMRAP 10 minutes of: 2 KB Hang Clean and Jerk 53/35 Max Reps, everytime you put the KB’s down you have to subtract 2 reps, AND do 25 jumping jacks

Friday: Make-up day first, if you’ve made all the sessions M-TH then you get to Back Squat x5

Saturday: Trade Rounds with a buddy: 50 Double Unders, 10 Ring Dips, do 6 rounds each